In-Wall 5.1 Audio System

Transform your family room with this home theater package that will enhance the viewing experience each time you watch a movie or game. All wires will be hidden and speakers will be flush mounted in the walls or ceiling, ensuring a clean look that does not compromise the elegance of your room.

  • (1)Universal Remote Control MX-450
  • (1)Universal Remote Control MRF-260
  • (1)Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Receiver
  • (5)TruAudio In-Wall Speakers
  • (1)TruAudio Subwoofer
  • Installation/Programming of all items above in addition to customer supplied TV and Mount

Invisible 5.1 Audio System

Do you want the benefits of a great sounding home theater system but without seeing any speakers or equipment? If so, then this package is for you. Upon completion of this system, we guarantee you will not see these invisible speakers in the walls or ceiling. These unique speakers will set you apart from everyone else and will surely impress your family and friends.

  • (1)Universal Remote Control MX-880
  • (1)Universal Remote Control MRF-260
  • (1)Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Receiver
  • (5)LiveWall Hidden Wall Speakers
  • (1)LiveWall Hidden Subwoofer
  • (1)Speakercraft BB2125 Amplifier
  • Installation/Programming of all items above in addition to customer supplied TV and Mount; Spackling and Painting holes

Sonos System- Single Room

Sonos is a great, user friendly audio system that has kept our clients extremely satisfied. This single room package will allow you to conveniently choose what you want to listen to and adjust the volume, all through your phone or any hand held device connected to the internet

  • (1)Sonos ConnectAMP
  • (1 Pair)TruAudio In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers
  • Installation/Programming and Wiring

Sonos System- Outdoor

Improve your backyard living experience with a pair these outdoor speakers along with a Sonos ConnectAMP. Whether you choose to place these weatherproof speakers around the pool or surrounding your patio, this will dramatically improve the time you spend outside of your house this summer.

  • (1)Sonos ConnectAMP
  • (1 Pair)Speakercraft Outdoor OE5 One Speaker
  • Installation/Programming and Wiring

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